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Revision History: (Included for reference)

Version L-5
Date: November 29, 1994
U6: Checksum: FA05 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: FD05 (X – Export)

The export version supersedes all A ROMs.

Changes from revision L-4:

Capped the maximum that the jackpot value could grow to.

NOTE: To use Custom Pricing on this game, you must set the
dipswitches on the CPU board to Export (1-5 off, 6 on, 7 off, 8 on)

Version L-4
Date: September 8, 1994
U6: Checksum: 7F04 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: 8404 (X – Export)

Changes from revision L-4:

Fixed a problem during buy-in where the ball would drain without
hitting any switches, and the ball would not be kicked out again.

Version L-3
Date: August 18, 1994
U6: Checksum: 7003 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: 7503 (X – Export)

Changes from revision L-2:

Added Spain pricing.

Version L-2
Date: July 25, 1994
U6: Checksum: 9402 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: 9B02 (X – Export)

Changes from revision L-1:

Added French translations and preset.

Version L-1
Date: July 18, 1994
U6: Checksum: 4C01 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: 5301 (X – Export)

Initial release to production.

Weight N/A
B/W Rom Options

[U6] CPU Rom vLX-5, [U6] CPU Rom vLX-4, [U6] CPU Rom vLX-2


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