Purchase and use of ALL items from Matt’s Basement Arcade LLC are at your own risk.  I am not manufacturing any products, only providing a service to program roms or reselling new/used games, parts, or other items obtained from other sources.  I will never knowingly sell a product that would cause damage to people or property.

Matt’s Basement Arcade LLC, it’s owner, affiliates, and any employees, assume no liability or responsibility for the following items (Including, but not limited to):

  • Any damage caused to your game
  • Any damage caused to your home or location
  • Any personal injury to you or others
  • Any damages incurred due to the loss of use of the item (Such as profits or lost wages)
  • Any damage caused by use, misuse or improper installation

Any warranty, either expressed or implied, covers only the repair/replacement of the original item sold at our discretion.

You assume full responsibility for anything that may occur from installation or use of ROM/EPROM chip(s) or the software contained on them purchased from this website.