Copyright Statement


Matt’s Basement Arcade provides items that are subject to copyright and specific licenses or requirements set by the manufacturer, license holder, or copyright owner.

Items and software may be made available on this site in a variety of ways:

  • An explicit agreement between us and the copyright owner
  • Made freely available by a manufacturer
  • Items in the public domain
  • Items which fall under “fair use” laws
  • Used items/parts pulled from working games being resold
  • If you supply a rom image file which I don’t offer, I can do custom programming jobs

If you believe an item in my store infringes on your intellectual property rights, please email, and I will immediately discuss review/updating/removal of the content.

Prices charged for ROM chips or other media ONLY cover:

  • The cost of the chip
  • Other necessary materials
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Labor/time involved with programming/shipping
  • Licenses or other fees incurred by the seller

There is no charge / cost assessed for the software itself contained on the chips. Software remains property of the author. We do not sell or claim ownership to ANY software.

Explicitly Licensed Bally/Williams Games (WMS Electronics Games, Inc.)

I have explicit permission from Planetary Pinball to distribute and sell Roms containing Bally/Williams software as Genuine Replacement Parts.  When purchasing these titles, you are bound to their software agreement (click here to view).

Roms/Software regarding ANY game:

  • You MUST own the game you are purchasing Roms for
    •  Roms on this site are sold on the basis that you are upgrading/repairing your own game.
  • Roms are NOT sold for the purpose of reverse engineering, altering, or creating derivative works
  • We do NOT distribute Rom images in any form other than on the media necessary to install it in the game (Requests for Rom images will be ignored)