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Bally/Williams U22 Security PICs are now in stock!!

This is the security chip required for Bally / Williams WPC-S or WPC-95 machines. This is the chip you need if you are getting a G10 or U22 error.
These are the genuine factory part, not a bootleg or hack. Keep your game original! Contains the original proprietary security code needed for these machines.
These are game specific and are NOT interchangeable.

Part #’s for reference:
Attack From Mars: A-5400-50041-1
Cactus Canyon: A-5400-50066-1
Champion Pub A-5400-50063-1
Cirqus Voltaire: A-5400-50062-1
Congo: A-5400-50050-1
Corvette: A-5400-50036-1
Dirty Harry: A-5400-50030-1
Flintstones: A-5400-50029-1
Indy 500: A-5400-50026-1
JackBot: A-5400-50051-1
Johnny Mnemonic: A-5400-50042-1
Junk Yard: A-5400-50052-1
Medieval Madness: A-5400-50059-1
Monster Bash: A-5400-50065-1
NBA Fastbreak: A-5400-50053-1
No Fear: A-5400-50025-1
No Good Gofers: A-5400-50061-1
Road Show: A-5400-50024-1
Safecracker: 1 A-5400-90003-1
Scared Stiff: A-5400-50048-1
Shadow: A-5400-50032-1
Tales Of The Arabian Nights: A-5400-50047-1
Theatre of Magic: A-5400-50039-1
Who Dunnit: A-5400-50044-1
World Cup Soccer: A-5400-50031-1

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Hook 5.01 Released!! / New Facebook group

HAPPY HOOK DAY! v5.01 just dropped…check out the changes and show Chad some love at! Hook owners now…

Posted by Matt's Basement Arcade on Sunday, March 18, 2018

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Do you want me to keep making videos on YouTube?

If you enjoy our videos and have not done so already…please SUBSCRIBE to us on YouTube!! Effective immediately (Jan 2018) they have changed their policy where channels cannot monetize their content unless there is a minimum of 4000 hours watched in the last 12 months and 1000 subscribers. Alot of us small channels are now forced without notice that we are now producing content for free. Alot of time and effort goes into videos and its not easy to do for free. Not just me, but any small channel you like…that SUBSCRIBE button just became a matter of life and death for some of us!