Terminator 2 – Profanity Rom Setup

The profanity roms replace the CPU chip at U6, and a sound rom at U14.

U15 and U18 are the same as the original sound roms and are not needed to swap, but you will need the originals in addition to this set.


1) Turn  your game on

2) Open the coin door and press the ENTER button.

3) Press the UP button until you see “A. Adjustments” and then press the ENTER button

4) Press the UP button until you see “A.2 Feature Adj.” and then press the <ENTER> button

5) Press the DOWN (or UP) button until you see “Profanity A.2 22 OFF” and press the ENTER button

6) Press UP to change the value from OFF to ON, and then press ENTER



Sources/forums also say the game must be on Free Play, but not sure if this has been confirmed that it does not actually work in pay to play.

To continue to set Free Play:

7) Once the screen returns to “Profanity A2. 22 ON”, press the ESC button once.

8) Press UP (or down) until you get to “A.3 Pricing ADJ”, and press ENTER

9) Press the UP button until you see “Adjustment A3. 17 Free Play NO” and hit ENTER

10)Press UP to change from NO to YES, and then press ENTER to save the adjustment.

11) Confirm both settings are correct and then Press ESC a few times, until you  return to attract mode.


Your  profanity roms are now configured!!

The profanity is very random and it may take only a few games, or quite a few to even light it as an option is the database jackpot “F@#$ Y%$ A$$ H#$%.”  It is even further randomized if you will get that award or some other award…Some people have said 25-50 games before they got the award and then won it. Good Luck!