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Corvette [Pinball] CPU Rom [U6] Version 2.1
(This listing is the most current official release)

Revision History: (Included for reference)
Version 2.1
Date: January 24, 1996
U6: Checksum: EE21

Changes from revision L-2:

Fixed Super Charger lamp. It was not blinking when it was the
next available speed part.
Fixed ball save during buy-in.

Version L-2
Date: October 4, 1994
U6: Checksum: D902 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: C602 (X – Export)

Changes from revision L-1:

Added a difficulty setting for relighting kickback.
LT5 LOCK can no longer time out during REV mode.
Enhanced logic on lower rev gate to better catch the ball.

Version L-1
Date: September 12, 1994
U6: Checksum: 4301 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: 3001 (X – Export)

Initial release to production.

Weight .25 lbs
B/W Rom Options

[U6] CPU Rom v2.1, [U6] CPU Rom vLX-2, [U6] CPU Rom vLX-1, [U6] CPU Rom vPX-4, [U6] CPU Rom vPX-3, [SU2] SOUND ROM vL-2, [SU3] SOUND ROM vL-1, [SU4] SOUND ROM vL-1, [SU5] SOUND ROM vL-1, [SU6] SOUND ROM vL-1, [SU7] SOUND ROM vL-1


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