8 Bit EPROMs

EPROMCross Reference:PinsbyteskbitkByteMbit
27C08027C801 / MX27C8000321,048,5768,1921024K8 MB
27C04027C4001 / 27C401 / MX27C400032524,2884,096512K4 MB
27C02027C2001 / 27C20132262,1442,048256K2 MB
27C01027C1001 / 27C10132131,0721,024128K1 MB

16 Bit EPROMs

EPROMCross Reference:PinsbyteskbitkByteMbit
27C409627C240 / 27C400240524,2884,096512K4 MB
27C40040524,2884,096512K4 MB
27C800421,048,57681921024K8 MB
2048K16 MB
27C322424,194,304327684096K32 MB

There are far too many roms available to sit down and list everything available.
If you can provide a rom image that you need burned, I have a flat rate per chip type to burn them for you.
This service is not limited to Arcade and Pinball machines, many electronics utilize standard IC chips.

Out of stock or chip is not even listed here?

Even if I do not have the chip type listed or in stock, please contact me as I can probably get it in.

If your in a hurry and local or don’t mind shipping it to me…Sometimes your existing chip can be fixed by erasing and reburning if it’s not a physical issue with the chip.


As with all items on this site, this item is at your own risk and sold AS/IS. However this item comes with a greater risk as I cannot test or verify the image you provide other than verifying checksums if that information is provided to me. This item can be used for you to test items you are trying to build yourself, in machinery, or even vehicles. I am not guaranteeing, warrantying, or otherwise endorsing the intended or unintended use for custom programmed items. Purchaser assumes all liability and responsibility. (See Liability statement)

Weight N/A
Custom Eprom Programming

2708 (8b 1K), 2716 (16b 2K), 2532 (32b 4K), 2732 [2732A] (32b 4K), 2764 (8,192b 8K), 27C128 [27128] (16,384k 16K), 27C256 [27256] (32,768b 32K), 27C512 [27512] (65,536b 64K), 27C010 (131,072b 128K 1MB), 27C020 (262,144b 256K 2MB), 27C040 / 27C4001 (524,288b 512K 4MB), 27C080 / 27C801 (1,048,576b 1024K 8MB), 27C400 (4,096b 512K 1MB), 27C800 (8,192b 1,024K 8MB), 27C160 (16,384b 2,048K 16MB), 27C1024 [27C210] (131,072b 128K 1MB), 27C322 (37,768b 4,096K 32MB), 27C4096 / 27C240 / 27C4002 (4,096b 512K 4MB)


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Custom Rom / Eprom Programming


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