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**Note: These ROMs are for the original Bally / Williams release, and are NOT compatible with the newer Attack From Mars Remake by Chicago Gaming, which uses different hardware**

CPU Revision History: (Included for reference)

Version 1.13:

Version 1.13: This beta ROM is a version of software released from Williams for testing purposes. It is “free play only”. It will not take money to do pay-for-play.
Version 1.13B: This is the same as 1.13, but allows for “coin play” (not free-play only).

Changes since version 1.1:

Addition: Some lamp effects have been added.
Bug fix: “Light Extra Ball” random award was being counted in the “Random EB Lit” audit twice. This has been fixed.
Bug fix: Coin door open display message no longer interferes with bonus.
Bug fix: When the timed super jackpot in the main multiball mode was running when Rule The Universe mode was started, the super jackpot was being forgotten, which resulted in no super jackpot being lit during the Rule the Universe mode. This has now been fixed.
Change: A larger 8mb ROM chip is now required for this software version.
Change: The video mode extra ball is now no longer being percentaged. If extra ball(s) are available, it should now always come out on, or about, the 30th saucer during the mode.
Change: Ball search has been sped up.
Change: Firing strength of the jet bumpers has been decreased, which will help preserve the condition and lifespan of the red pop bumper skirts (often damaged on this game).



Version 1.1 (Latest Official Release)
Date: June 10, 1996
G11: Checksum: 4E11

Changes from revision 1.0:

The Loop/Gate has been modified to kick balls out of the
trough immediately, and to kick balls out of the shooter lane

Completing the MARTIAN targets when they are available but
when the Martian Attack feature cannot be enabled (i.e. when
Rule The Universe is lit) now awards 1 Martian Bomb instead
of nothing.

The five way combo was being audited for every combo past
the fifth (i.e. 6, 7, 8, …, etc). This has been corrected.

Fixed the Ball Save adjustment to enable turning off ball saves.

Modified some display and lamp effects.

100 billion scores and higher now display properly in high
score to date, status report, and attract mode.

The maximum shot value during Total Annihilation was changed
from 500 million to 250 million.

Total bonus is now displayed in the status report.

In version 1.0, if super jets was running and a loop shot
was completed (i.e. all three lights solid), a shot to the
loop would divert the ball to the jets. This is not a bug,
rather, a feature. This behavior has been changed so that
a ball shot to a completed loop will not be diverted to the
jets (thus making the 5-way combo a bit easier to obtain).

A “dirty pool” feature was added. If an attack wave is not
running, and the motorized 3-bank is up, and the center trough
switch (behind the drop target) is made, the player is credited
with the next attack wave. This feature is awarded only once
per player, per game.

Stroke of Luck is now enabled via the bottom lanes even when
it cannot be collected (i.e. during multiball). It still can’t
be collected during multiball, of course, but when multiball
ends, Stroke of Luck will be lit if enabled in this way.

If Super Jets was running when Rule the Universe was started,
there was no way to start Rule the Universe again on the same
ball (since super jets is a “until end of ball” feature). If
this case is detected, the super jets light is now spotted.

Version 1.0
Date: February 5, 1996
G11: Checksum: EB10

This is the release of software for production.

This version requires sound revision 1.0:

S2: Checksum: 2300
S3: Checksum: CB00
S4: Checksum: 7D00

Changes from revision 0.3:

Added lots of lamp effects, display effects, and sound effects.

Added all of the German, French, and Spanish translations.

Added the “1 Martian Bomb” award to the Stroke Of Luck feature.

Added lots of switch compensation code.

Implemented the family mode adjustment. This adjustment
affects 4 phrases: “We’ll Blow The Snot Out Of You, Martian” ,
“Damn, You Some Ugly Martians” , “Germany Will Kick Your Martian
Butt To The Moon” , “You Know, I Enjoy Killing These Martians”.
If family mode is adjusted ON, these phrases will not be said.

Changed and added some audits.

The start replay level was changed to go as high as 20 billion.

Added a high score for “Rule The Universe”.

Added a “victory lap” feature for winning Rule The Universe.

Added the “Saucer Attack” video mode. This is an award from
the Stroke Of Luck feature.

Added the sneak attack feature. This is an award from the

Stroke Of Luck feature.

Implemented novice mode.

The wire color/transistor information in coil test has been
updated to show the correct information.

Version: 0.3
G11: Checksum 5003
Date: December 13, 1995

This is the first release of software for production of sample games

Rom Revision: Sound Rom [S2] 1.1

Sound Revision History: (Included for reference)

S2 Version 1.1
Date: October 9, 1996
S2: Checksum: 1300

Changes from revision 1.0:

This revision eliminates a ‘buzzing’ sound that is occasionally
emitted from some games. If you experience this problem, use
this version to replace the S2 in your game.

This version of S2 requires that the other sound ROMs be at least
Version 1.0. The AV board diagnostics will indicate a bad S3, S4 or S5
by bonging more than once at powerup.

(3 bongs = bad S3, 4 bongs= bad S4, 5 bongs = bad S5)

Weight N/A
Bally / Williams ROM Options

[G11] CPU Rom v1.13 (Beta – Free Play Only), [G11] CPU Rom v1.13B (Beta Release), [G11] CPU Rom v1.1, [G11] CPU Rom v1.0, [G11] CPU Rom v0.3, [S2] Sound Rom v1.1, [S3] Sound Rom v1.0, [S4] Sound Rom v1.0, [S2, S3, S4] 3 Rom Sound Set v1.1, [G10] WPC Security Chip


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