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Revision History:

Version 7.0
Date: Jun 30, 1995

Changes from Revision 6.0H:

Unknown/undocumented – Assuming minor bug fixes
Added coin options back from Home Only Rom
Believed to be an internal release that was leaked at some point.

Version 6.0H
Date: Feb 15, 1995

Changes from Revision H-4:

Switched to new version numbering scheme.

Version H-4
Date: May 24, 1994

Changes from Revision H-3: [RECOMMENDED]

More display stuff fixed.

Version H-3
Date: May 6, 1993

Changes from Revision L-6:

Updated operating system for new slam tilt switch handling.
Re-added “Home” settings from Internal L-7.

Version L-6
Date: Mar 18, 1993

Released only to a German distributor.

Changes from Revision L-5:

Updated operating system to support a new printer type.
Non-working “buy-in” option added
Only two champions displayed instead of three as in L-5
Change in default high score credit awards

Official Revision History:

Version L-5 (December 9, 1992)

Changes from revision L-4

Cleaned up some display effects.
Fixed a problem where “thing awards” could not be collected
during Tour the Mansion if Quick Multiball was lit.

Jackpots are now awarded during multiball if the ball makes it
into the vault.

Version L-4 (April 27, 1992)

Changes from revision L-3

Changed default German pricing.


Version L-3 (April 8, 1992)

Changes from revision L-2

Fixed some logic problems with tunnel hunt.


Version L-2 (March 31, 1992)

Changes from revision L-1:

Enhanced logic for handling a broken “thing” hand.

Fixed some logic in “tour the mansion”.


Version L-1 (January 22, 1992)

Initial release to production.
Weight N/A
B/W Rom Options

[U6] CPU Rom vL-7, [U6] CPU Rom vL-6, [U6] CPU Rom vL-5, [U6] CPU Rom vH-4, [U6] CPU Rom vL-4, [U6] CPU Rom vL-3, [U6] CPU Rom vL-2, [U6] CPU Rom vL-1, [U18] Sound Rom vL-1


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