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Revision History: (Included for reference)

Version 1.0
Date: August 7, 1995
U6: Checksum: 1D10 (R – Regular)
Checksum: FA10 (B – Belgium/Canada)

This is the release of software for production.

This version requires sound revision 1.0:

U2: Checksum: 7D00
U3: Checksum: D600
U4: Checksum: 7A00
U5: Checksum: 2300
U6: Checkaum: DD00

Changes from revision 0.4:

After multiball, visor now closes after hitting an out of the
way switch.

Cheating now available in Casino Run, Bonus, and Match.

Buy-in button blinks any time cheating is available.

Super Jack*Bot now available in multiball (hit a visor hole for a
jack-bot then quickly hit the other visor hole).

Multiball and Casino Run start display effects may now be canceled
by pressing both flipper buttons.

Cheating hint added to the attract mode.

3rd multiball now requires 2 completion’s of the chest (was 4th

Translations added for German, French, & Spanish.

Solar Jet and Cash-In awards are now given if the modes are running
at the start of Multiball or Casino Run.

Cash-In award now gives 2x bonus (was 1x).

Game saucer now holds ball for about 7 sec. in Multiball.
3 matching Casino Run symbols awards a Special.

MK3 hints now given sometimes if players hold in the flippers
during casino run.

Manual Tournament Mode activation is now allowed (hold both flipper
buttons before starting a game) .

Card that will be spotted from the drop targets now blinks.

Version 0.4
Date: May 30, 1995
U6: Checksum: F804 (R – Regular)
Checksum: BB04 (B – Belgium/Canada)

This is the first release of software for production of sample games.

Weight N/A
B/W Rom Options

[U6] CPU Rom v1.0R, [U6] CPU Rom v1.0B, [U22] Security Chip #551, [U2] SOUND ROM 1.0


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