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Revision History: (Included for reference)

Version L-7
Date: February 17, 1994
U6: Checksum: E607 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: E507 (X – Export)

The export version supersedes all A ROMs.

Changes from revision L-6:

Added adjustment A.2 27 Poker Night. Set to OFF to disable
Poker Video Mode selection.

Version L-6
Date: February 8, 1994
U6: Checksum: 0D06 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: 0C06 (X – Export)

Changes from revision L-5:

Added adjustment A.2 25 Restart After Warp. Set to NO to inhibit
the warp factor feature from resetting after warp 9.

The “Thank you, Mr. Data” flipper bonus now works only if both
flipper buttons are pressed.

Changed the 1/2 credit sound.

Enhanced the logic on the catapult to let the ball settle on
it before launching.

Increased the scoring during Final Frontier.

Added adjustment A.2 26 Super Spinner. Set to OFF to inhibit the
super spinner from lighting on warp 6.

Fixed Ferengi and Cardassian Multiballs. They were not correctly
handling the case of all the balls quickly draining.

Version L-5
Date: December 30, 1993
U6: Checksum: EC05 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: EA05 (X – Export)

Changes from revision L-4:

Fixed 1 coin/1 credit buy-in logic.

Version L-4
Date: December 28, 1993
U6: Checksum: EC04 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: EE04 (X – Export)

Changes from revision L-3:

Fixed a problem where the game would hang if the player tilts
during the Lock effect.

Warp 9 now turns off missions and command decision. Only
multiball and video mode will interrupt Warp 9 now.

Enhanced the broken gun launcher opto compensation.

Version L-3
Date: December 12, 1993
U6: Checksum: 0903 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: 0803 (X – Export)

Changes from revision L-2:

Added adjustment A.2 24 to disable holodeck from skill shot after
locks are awarded.

Lighting Lock from the neutral zone is now controlled from
the multiball percentage adjustment.

Version L-2
Date: December 7, 1993
U6: Checksum: 2202 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: 2202 (X – Export)

Changes from revision L-1:

Lengthened ball search delay at the start of Final Frontier.

Delayed some coil firing to try to keep the coil fuse from

Fixed the music restart after an extra ball in Battle Simulation.

Increased default replay boost.

Auto replay scores can now adjust above 500 million.

Version L-1
Date: November 30, 1993
U6: Checksum: ED01 (A – USA/Canada)
Checksum: EC01 (X – Export)

Initial release to production.

Changes from revision P-8:

Fixed the Final Frontier start.

Enhanced logic on staged balls in poppers.

Weight .25 lbs
B/W Rom Options

[U6] CPU Rom vLX-9 (Unofficial), [U6] CPU Rom vLX-8 (Unofficial), [U6] CPU Rom vLX-7, [U6] CPU Rom vLX-5, [U6] CPU Rom vLX-2, [U6] CPU Rom vLX-1


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