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Revision History: (Included for reference)

Revision 2.0
31 October 2020


Changes designed and implemented by Soren Worre.

Based on the revision 1.2 software released in 1996 by Williams Electronics Games Inc.

The author would like to thank the designers of this pinball machine.


The video modes in the game are toned down.
For better flow of the game and because video mode was too easy to repeat playing.
The hugh scoring potential of the Super skill shot now limited.
The under exposed Time machine mode (in competition play) can now be played more than once per game.
Two new feature adjustments.


Better suitable for competition play.
Much more enjoyable without the overly exposed video modes.
The Time machine feature is more into play.

Detailed changes description

Reference to the 1.2 revision.

New feature adjustment A.2 18 "Time machine per mode completion". Options: "Yes" and "No". 
 - "Yes": Completing an Adventure mode will light Time machine.
 - "No": As rev. 1.2.
Default: "Yes".

New feature adjustment A.2 19 "Super skill shot". Options: "Standard", "Moderate" and "Disable". 
 - "Standard": As rev. 1.2. Super skill shot offers up to 10 shots for at total of 13.75M points.
 - "Moderate": Super skill shot offers up to 3 shots for at total of 1.5M points.
 - "Disable": Super skill shot is never offered as one of the plunge awards.
Default: "Standard".

When Tournament play selected: Time machine modes will follow a sequence ordered by date. Player individual.
 - The mamushka
 - Move your car
 - Saucer attack
 - Knight mission

The sequence will repeat.

Qualify DOG video mode (Spot DOG) is removed from the plunge awards.

Start DOG video mode (Run from Spike/Save the girl) is removed from the Magic bus awards.
Big points replaces the DOG video mode in the Tournament play sequence.

When a DOG video mode is played, no further DOG video modes can be qualified on the DOG ramp on the same ball-in-play.

The DOG objective will remain non-timed.

New DMD texts for when a DOG completion is awarding bonus-x increment or points only.

Bonus-x does not carry cross balls.

Adjustment A.1 21 "Language" is limited to "English".

Adjustment A.1 28 "Min. vol override" defaults to “Yes”.


Assembling the Toaster gun will always qualify Save the girl.

Time machine modes qualified cannot be stacked.

The mode Air tactical combat will take precedence over the Crane, which will stay down during the mode running.
This may be inconvenient and seem buggy, if Multiball is lit. Or multiball is started (via sneak-in).
The DMD "Shoot the crane" is ambiguous. It can both mean shooting the wrecking ball into the cars. And the lane behind the wrecking ball.
Shooting the wrecking ball into the cars during multiball will not award the jackpot. Contrary to what the DMD "says".
However, Air tactical combat will award the player a score similar to a jackpot.

Sound board software

To be installed with sound board software rev. L-1.


Copyright 1996, 2020 Williams Electronics Games Inc. & Planetary Pinball Supply Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The software is provided as-is, without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability,
fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages or other liability,
whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in the software.

Revision 1.2 Date 07/03/97

G11 1.2 Checksum $8112

Changes since Version 1.1:

1. German pricing updated.
2. Escape from DOG will score correctly.

Revision 1.1 Date 01/23/97

G11 1.1 Checksum $6211

Sound Revision 1.0

S2 1.0 Checksum $9E00
S3 1.0 Checksum $C400
S4 1.0 Checksum $7700
S5 1.0 Checksum $7200

Changes since Version 1.0:

1. Wire colors will now be correct in SWITCH TEST.

2. German printers will now format correctly.

3. The spinner no longer can score erroneously.

4. Added French and Spanish translations.

5. Fixed Fireworks display and lamp show during Radar Adventure.

Revision 1.0 Date 01/06/97

G11 1.0 Checksum $1E10

This is the first production release.

Major changes since version 0.3:

1. A cooling-off period is now enforced for the bus diverter coil.
This was to help prevent the coil from overheating.

2. PAYBACK TIME was removed from the time machine feature. The
scoring was out of balance with the rest of the game.

3. Crane error detection was implemented.

4. Overall, the scores on the game were reduced by half.

5. Several sound and display timing issues were cleaned up.

Weight .25 lbs
WPC Roms

[G11] CPU ROM V2.0, [G11] CPU ROM v1.2, [G11] CPU ROM v1.1, [G11] CPU ROM v0.3 (Prototype), [S2] Sound Rom v1.0, [S3] Sound Rom v1.0, [S4] Sound Rom v1.0, [S5] Sound Rom v1.0, [G10] WPC Security Chip


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