White Water Pinball – Rom Upgrade Set


White Water Pinball – Rom Upgrade Set

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Revision History: (Included for reference)
Version L-5
Date: May 20, 1993
U6: Checksum: 6F05

Changes from revision L-4:

Fixed the GI power saver in attract mode.

Fixed a problem with ball search interacting badly with a broken
Gold Mine opto switch.

Fixed a volume problem with sounds during attract mode.

Version L-4
Date: February 4, 1993
U6: Checksum: DA04

Changes from revision L-3:

Fixed a spelling error in German text: “Total Bonus”

Locked balls in the Whirlpool popper are now released on the
first score. This affects both Gold Rush quick multiball and
Whirlpool Challenge.

The secret passage switch was being marked bad, since it is hit
so infrequently. Its alarm count has been increased.

Fixed a bug that prevented a game from being started when both
Bigfoot opto switches are broken. An error is now detected and
reported in this case.

Version L-3
Date: January 27, 1993
U6: Checksum: 8403

Changes from revision L-2:

Fixed the USA 6/$2 pricing mode.

Version L-2
Date: December 28, 1992
U6: Checksum: 2A02

Changes from revision L-1:

Added USA 6/$2 pricing as default.

Added French translations.

Fixed a sound problem at the end of Whirlpool Challenge during the
grace period. The sound would go away if the player did not make
a shot.

The Hotfoot jackpot switch was being marked bad, since it is hit
so infrequently. Its alarm count has been increased.

Version L-1
Date: December 10, 1992
U6: Checksum: F301

Initial release to production.

Changes from revision P-8:

Enhanced Vacation jackpot.

Removed ball poppers from Autocycle Burn-in.

Additional information

Weight.25 lbs
WPC 95 Roms

[U6] CPU Rom L-5, [U6] CPU Rom LH-6 (Unofficial), [U6] CPU Rom LH-5 (Unofficial), [U6] CPU Rom L-4, [U6] CPU Rom L-3, [U6] CPU Rom LA-2, [U6] CPU Rom L-1, [U6] CPU Rom P-8, [U14] Sound Rom L-1, [U15] Sound Rom L-1, [U18] Sound Rom L-1

Bally / Williams Software License


This listing is for an officially licensed Bally / Williams genuine replacement part and is governed by their software license. (Click Here)

An official Bally/Williams hologram will be affixed to guarantee authenticity.

Sold under permission granted from Planetary Pinball.


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