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Revision History: (Included for reference)
Version 1.4
Date: October 15, 1996
G11: Checksum: 6914

Changes from revision 1.3:

Added adjustment A2.27 (MAGNET THROW). This adjustment can be used
to strengthen the magnet power when the game tries to throw the ball
off of the magnet at a Tale start.

Fixed a bug in Final Battle when a tilt occurs.

Balls are returned to the shooter faster in Final Battle.

Improved diverter rules between Harem Multiball and Rocs mode.

Slight improvements to speech.

Timing to the jet bumper post improved to help jet bumper action.

Version 1.3
Date: July 19, 1996
G11: Checksum: 8B13

Changes from revision 1.2:

Default High Scores can now be set up to 25 million.

Raised German factory-setting high scores.

Enhanced Secret Ball Lock logic for multiple-player games.

Improvements to Genie Test and broken vanish mech diagnostics.

Minor adjustments to some display effects

Corrected announcer speech when the last jewel is collected.

Version 1.2
Date: June 11, 1996
G11: Checksum: E612

Changes from revision 1.1:

Enhanced ball search at Game Over and after Genie Battle.

Ball Lock logic improved for missed balls.

Fireball grace period award fixed.

More speech added to game start.

Multiball lamp effects improved when awarded from the Bazaar.

Bazaar “Lite Special” actually lights special now.

Corrected GENIE spellout lamps after Genie Battle.

Skill Shot display glitch in multiplayer games corrected.

Announcer speech fixed when locking a ball after Extra Ball.

Improved stuck/broken switch compensation for ramp magnet
and lock magnet.

Version 1.1
Date: May 23, 1996
G11: Checksum: F911

Changes from revision 1.0:

Fixed replay levels can now be turned OFF.

Additional support for Add-a-ball and Novelty presets.

Some extra Spanish translations added.

Adjustment A2.26 restored to Feature Adjustments.

Version 1.0
Date: May 20, 1996
G11: Checksum: C210

Initial release to production.

This version must be used with revision 1.0 sound ROMs, and
will automatically detect and complain if used with an earlier

Changes from revision 0.4:

Added many new display,lamp, and sound effects.

Added switch compensation for major playfield features.

Added German, French, and Spanish translations.

Added Harem Bonus award to the center eject.

Added Super Skill Shot to the ramp.

Added Secret Ball Lock

Added Final Battle.

Added Match effect.

Added player-selectable tournament mode.

Fireball now counts down correctly below 100,000.

Enhanced logic for broken Shooting star optos.

Lock 2 switch was sometimes incorrectly being reported as bad.

Skill shot changed to hit the snake instead of avoid him.

Lamp Bonus values above 1,000,000 are displayed correctly.

Dimira’s Magic Amulet added to game rules.

Special becomes lit when all tales are completed.

Improved logic on ramp magnet.

Ball search properly works the vanishing ball mechanism.

Skill shot fixed for >100 Million scores.

Tales are suspended during Harem Multiball.

Weight .25 lbs
Bally / Williams ROM Options

[G11] CPU Rom v1.4, [G11] CPU Rom v1.3, [G11] CPU Rom v1.2, [G10] WPC Security Chip


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