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This listing is for a set of Roms to upgrade your pinball machine to the latest software version
(This listing is the most current official release)

Revision History: (Included for reference)
Not available at time of listing

Data East DMD Display Variations:  (Please check your hardware before ordering!)
Depending on when your machine was produced, Some Data East games with the same title may have shipped from the factory with two different configurations.  The DMD display board may contain the software on either 2 2MB Eprom chips or only 1 4MB Eprom chip.

Click here if you do not know which display version you need.  Feel free to message me if you have any questions about this!

Data East Options

[C5,ROM0,ROM1] CPU/2MB DISP v3.01 Rom Set, [C5,ROM0] CPU/4MB DISP v3.01 Rom Set, [C5] CPU Rom v3.01, [C5] CPU Rom Version 2.08, [ROM0] Display Rom Ver A2.06 (4MB Version 1 of 1), [ROM0] Display Rom Ver A2.06 (2MB Version 1 of 2), [ROM1] Display Rom Ver A2.06 (2MB Version 2 of 2), [U7] Sound Rom, [U17] Sound Rom, [U21] Sound Rom


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