Revision History: (Included for reference)

Version 9.4CH (Unofficial)

Same as 9.4H but allows coin or free play

Version 9.4H
Date: October 22, 1998
U6: Checksum: C494

Changes from revision 9.4:

NOTE: The “H” (home) ROM is “free play only”. It will not take
money to do pay for play.

1) Added a new adjustment: “LITZ CHEAT OK”. When set to
YES, this allows the player to hold in the buy-in
button during game play to enable Lost in the Zone.
The next shot to the Slot Machine or Piano will
start a LITZ “practice round”. The player is not
able to enter intials for LITZ champ if the cheat has
been performed.

2) Implemented “Mute & Pause” mode. Pressing buy-in Button
while holding a flipper will kill music and keep flipper held.
Pressing buy-in again will resume regular play.
This feature can be disabled by adjustment (“MUTE & PAUSE OK”).
The game resumes automatically after 15 minutes.

NOTE: If you are worried about your flipper hold coil getting
hot with this feature, then disable it.

3) Added a magnet ball-catching effect at the beginning of multball.
This will catch the balls on the magnets if all of these conditions
are in effect:
– 3 magnets installed, and all 3 work
– adjustment for the effect is ON
– 0 or 1 balls in the lockup
– white ball is in the gumball machine
(Note that the last condition requires that the game
has actually seen a white ball loaded since last
power up or exit from Test mode, since the location of the
white ball is not tracked across initialization.)
This effect can be disabled by adjustment (“MB ST. 3 MAG. GRAB”).

4) Added an adjustment that allows white ball detection during multiball
(“M.B. P.B. DETECT OK”). With this adjustment turned ON (default)
the game behaves as before. With it OFF, then the game can no longer
be fooled into thinking the white ball is in play by a quick 1-2 shot into the
piano and slot machine. Use of this adjustment is recommended only
if all of the proximity sensors are correctly functioning.

5) Added a preset (“INSTALL #pinball”) for home adjustments
desired by group of silly Twilight Zone owners.

Version 9.4
U6: Checksum:

Changes from revision 9.2:

1) Fixed a Powerball/Multiball bug where the Powerball
was not detected when it was the 2nd ball served
from the trough for Multiball start.

2) Fixed Super Skill Shot bug where a completely missed
shot would end the ball and give Super Skill Shot to
the next player up.

3) Added ball search to the ball recycling at the end of
Lost in the Zone.

4) Enhanced the ball-type detection logic on the magnets.

5) Fixed a bug with Bonus X lamp after Bonus X awarded.

6) Added/enhanced a few lamp effects.

7) Improved the grace period logic at the end of Battle
the Power timeout.

8) Added a grace period timer for the end of multiball
that indicates the Powerball was in play. This enables
Powerball jackpots during the jackpot grace period.

9) Added code in attract mode to page through the amode
pages by using a flipper button.

10) Added the player-selected tournament module.

11) Added some stuck switch logic detection at power up.

12) Improved/fixed logic for games with the 3rd spiral
magnet installed.

13) Fixed a bug at MB start where two balls get stacked on the
autofire kicker.

14) Fixed a lamp update problem when going from ‘unknown’
ball state into ‘steel’ ball state after a lock.

15) Fixed a bug in Clock Chaos where it would speed up the
mechanical clock, even though another mode was using it.

16) Turned off the mini playfield magnet search pulsing if
‘battle the power’ gets restarted before the search from a
previous battle. Same goes for battling during PB mania.

17) Spruced up custom message a bit to use a fatter font
if it fits on the screen.

18) Added a new setting for Spiral Extra Ball Memory.
The new setting “BY SPIRAL” makes the EB track the
carry-over setting of the current spiral set.
That is, the EB carries over if the sprirals carry over.

19) Made the lockup kickout wait until LITZ intro is done.

20) Fixed a sound bug when adding credits during game play.

21) Added an “Empty Balls” test.

22) Added a separate high score to date table for players
who bought in 1 or more times.

Version 9.2
Date: February 28, 1995
U6: Checksum: 9392

Changes from revision L-4:

Bonus X lamp is now ensured to be off at the end of Lost in the Zone.

Extended ball recycling time at end of Lost in the Zone.

Fixed the multiball jackpot display effect. It would incorrectly
report the score awarded if the jackpot was over 127 million and
the jackpot was doubled by the powerball.

The game can now hold scores up to 1 trillion, even though scores
will be truncated when they are above 9.9 billion. (High scores
in the 10 billions are now displayed.)

Added a new adjustment to allow ball savers beyond ball one.
FREE RIDE TIME (A.2 27) must be set to non-zero for this to
be enabled.

Despite what the note in P-1 says, the game would not play multiball
correctly with only one ball installed. It now does.

Version L-4
Date: June 14, 1993
U6: Checksum: 3204

Changes from revision L-3:

Added “EX. EASY” settings for piano and slot.
When set to extra easy, they are always lit, and
do not need to be requalified.

Added Italy 3 pricing of 2 coins per play with
no Bonus.

Added logic to allow the 1-coin buy-in on the
new Italy 3 pricing. Selecting Italy 3 pricing also
auto-sets the 1/coin for buy-in adjustment.

Version L-3
Date: May 24, 1993
U6: Checksum: 6403

Changes from revision L-2:

When either ITALY 2 or SWISS 2 pricing is selected, the game
will automatically switch to the CREDIT OR COIN setting
for the A.2 01 Buy-in adjustment.

If the ball popper pops, but a gumball is not dispensed,
the game will dispense a gumball (1 only) on any ball search
before the ball ends (if the ball ends, there obviously isn’t
an extra ball in the gumball machine).

Version L-2
Date: May 7, 1993
U6: Checksum: B902

Changes from revision L-1:

Enhanced logic on the gumball entry opto. Spurious switch hits
after a popper pop no longer dispenses an extra ball.

Fixed the difficulty presets. They were causing German and Euro
jumpered games to change the pricing incorrectly.

Gumball test now kicks balls out of the lockup.

The logic for loading “extra” balls into the gumball machine has
been enhanced to check for a stuck 4th trough switch.

Added an adjustment for the number of balls in the gumball machine.

Camera award equalized during tournament play.

Version L-1
Date: April 23, 1993
U6: Checksum: E801

Changes from revision P-4:

Initial release to production.

Gumball machine no longer empties during Lost in the Zone if it
is not working.

Powerball detection can no longer be faked out during multiball.

Equalized the slot machine door award in tournament.

If the powerball is detected out during rematch, the game will
go into powerball mode when rematch expires.

Enhanced broken switch logic for the left ramp.

Center magnet names (switch and coil) changed to “NOT USED”.

Pressing both flippers will speed up the bonus countdown.

Enhanced the broken switch logic on the powerfield enter switch.

Added Super Robot award at 99 robots. (Left ramp or lock.)

Fixed rematch effect.

Side kicker (rocket) no longer makes sounds in tilt and game over.

Fixed a bunch of sound/music effect priority clashes.

Clock now keeps time in attract mode after 2 minutes of idle time.

Enhanced the autofire logic for Lost in the Zone.

Version P-4
Date: April 16, 1993
U6: Checksum: E0D4

Changes from revision P-3:

Enhanced gumball test.

Added magnet test.

Implemented “Disable Gumball” adjustment. Gumballs are simulated
in this case, or when the right magnet opto or gumball diverter
are broken.

Game now detects if the powerball is missing. When it is missing,
disabled by adjustment, or the gumball machine is not working,
then the powerball is simulated.

Clock errors are now detected and reported.

Added French translations.

The powerball is now tracked through the gumball machine to count
the number of balls stored there. An error is reported if the
count is incorrect.

Once it is verified that there is at least one ball in the gumball
machine, then gumball dispensing is sped up. (It is started on
the ball popper.)

Added buy-in cancel display messages.

Added broken ramp switch compensation logic.

Version P-3
Date: April 2, 1993
U6: Checksum: 47D3

Changes from revision P-1:

Added German translations.

Added new extra ball effects for 2nd and 3rd extra balls.

Dead End bonus added for 8 and 20 dead ends.

Clock Millions damage bonus added for 6 hits on the clock.

Changed buy-in pricing for Italy to 1 coin/1 credit.

Added GUM-BALL combo award.

Multiball modes now work properly with only 1 ball installed in
the game.

Added Lost in the Zone champ.

Version P-1
Date: March 19, 1993
U6: PA-1 Checksum: 7BD1
PX-1 Checksum: 7ED1

Initial release for building sample games.



Revision info not known, but FYI:

This archive contains the revision L-2 sound ROM U18 for Twilight Zone
pinball by Bally.

This ROM will update the sound software to revision L-2 when used with
revision L-1 or P-3 U14 and U15 sound ROMs.

Weight .25 lbs
WPC 95 Roms

[U6] CPU Rom 9.4CH (Unofficial), [U6] CPU Rom 9.4H, [U6] CPU Rom 9.2, [U6] CPU Rom H-8 (Unofficial), [U6] CPU Rom L-4, [U6] CPU Rom L-3, [U6] CPU Rom L-2, [U6] CPU Rom L-1, [U6] CPU Rom P-4, [U14] Sound Rom L-1, [U15] Sound Rom L-1, [U18] Sound Rom L-2, [U18] Sound Rom L-1, [U18] Sound Rom P-3, [U14, U15, U18] Sound Rom Set Version L-2


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