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Rollergames [Pinball]
These are the chips needed to upgrade your pinball machine to the latest version or replace missing/damaged chips.
Revision History: (Included for reference if available)
Williams: Rollergames
ROM Revisions
       Game Version L-2 
U26 :    Checksum: 0EC2
U27 :    Checksum: 5D70
       Sound Version L-3 
U4  :    Checksum: D75C
       Spe4ech Version L-1 
U19 :    Checksum: 0E5A
U20 :    Checksum: 3058
Weight .25 lbs
System 11 Roms

CPU Rom Set vL-2 [U26,U27], Sound/Speech Rom Set [U4,U19,U20], CPU / Sound Rom Set (European Prototype 1) [U26,U27,U4,U19,U20]


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