NBA Fast Break Pinball – CPU Rom [G11]


NBA Fast Break Pinball – CPU Rom [G11] [Bally / Williams] EPROM

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Revision History: (Included for reference)
Version 3.1
Date: September 2, 1997

G11: Checksum: EE31

Changes from Version 2.3:

– Added the PINBALL SCORES adjustment which enabled ‘standard’
pinball scoring to be displayed.
– Fixed a bug where the player number was not shown in score
– Fixed a bug in linked games when a multiball was the
last feature prior to TROPHY multiball.

Version 2.3
Date: June 2, 1997

G11: Checksum: 4223

Changes from Version 2.2:

– Fixed some bugs in linked play, especially when starting new games.
– Fixed a music bug in Around the World Multiball
– Added new country jumper setting (Export Alternate). This new
setting is identical to EXPORT (all SA settings, Australian
pricing) except all service credits are disabled.
– Right flipper button now compensates for the launch button when the
launch button is broken.
– Removes FLIPPER PLUNGER feature adjustment.

Version 2.2
Date: May 20, 1997

G11: Checksum: 5322

Changes from Version 2.1:

– Rearranged some displays on linked games.
– Added German, French, and Spanish translations for linked text.
– Fixed a scoring bug in Sudden Death.

Version 2.1
Date: May 9, 1997

G11: Checksum: 4312

Changes from Version 1.1:

– Support for linked games. Linked play requires Sound ROM S2
Version 3.0 and the NBA Fastbreak Linking Kit (contact your
WMS/Bally distributor for more information about this kit).

– German speech included in Sound ROM S2 3.0, no separate German
speech ROM is necessary now.

– Fixed display conflict when Shoot Around and Around the
World multiballs were running simultaneously.
– Fixed JET BUMPER DIFF adjustment to allow Power Hoops
to happen at all levels.
– Presets for Ex Easy through Extra Hard ball time now match
the manual.
– Shoot Around Multiball corrected when Extra Balls are turned

Version 1.1
Date: March 26, 1997

G11: Checksum: FB11

Changes from Version 1.0:

– Fixed a bug where the REPLAY BOOST adjustment incorrectly
displayed values above 9.
– Changed the default European jumpered pricing default settings
to match German-jumpered pricing.

Version 1.0
Date: March 17, 1997

G11: Checksum: FC10

Sound Version 1.0

S2 : Checksum: 6A00 *NOTE* Do not use a Texas Instruments 27C040 for S2.
S3 : Checksum: 4300
S4 : Checksum: 8300
S5 : Checksum: F800
S6 : Checksum: 1900

Version 1.0 is the production release.

This version requires version 1.0 Sound ROMs or higher.
German-jumpered games require version 2.0 of Sound ROM S2. (Cksum=$FD00)

Changes from revision 0.2 (Sample release):

– Added German, French, and Spanish translations.
– Added German speech under an adjustment for German jumpered
games only, which also requires the German S2 version 2.0
sound ROM.
– Added Operator-run Tournament mode adjustment.
– Added the attract mode backbox adjustment (default ON).
– Added some new sound effects.
– Updated NBA Team rosters.
– Improved IN THE PAINT timeout.
– Some ball-holding features sped up to improve gameplay.
– Added new FOUL SHOT rule.
– Improved Multiball scoring.
– Fixed lamp problem with LITE FASTBREAK and 3 point shots.
– Added grace periods for the combination shots.
– HOOPS LOOPS are now disabled if extra balls are disabled.
– Changed Midnight Madness to only score on shots.
– Added backbox backet award for hitting a completed Crazy Bob’s.
– Added an additional jet bumper hit when the Jets ball drain
switch is made to help HOOPS modes.

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Additional information

CPU [G11]

Version 3.1, Version 2.3, Version 2.2, Version 2.1, Version 1.1, Version 1.0

Bally / Williams Software License


This listing is for an officially licensed Bally / Williams genuine replacement part and is governed by their software license. (Click Here)

An official Bally/Williams hologram will be affixed to guarantee authenticity.

Sold under permission granted from Planetary Pinball.

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