Note on sample/prototype machines vs later production run machines and the planet lock feature:

Early sample/prototype machines included a ring that would actually trap the balls during planet lock (AKA Deadworld).Β  This was deemed a maintenance concern and the feature was changed to a virtual ball lock on actual production run machines before the game was released.Β  Prototype games will have red boards.

L1-AT version is for production run machines that have added an aftermarket planet locking ring. Actual prototype machines have different wiring and need version L1. Both L1 and L1-AT do not contain any of the changes from later versions of the rom.Β  Using L1 version in a production machine will throw a switch error and credit dot.Β  L1-AT was created to fix this issue, and this is the only difference between the 2.

Revision History: (Included for reference)

Version L-7
Date: January 6, 1994
U6: Checksum: 9A07

Changes from revision L-6:

Fixed pricing for Italy buy-in.

Improved the ball shooter logic — left and right.

Fixed the SuperGame replay level calculation.

Added a ball saver timer adjustment.

Added coin door interlock message.

NOTE: To use Custom Pricing on this game, you must set the
dipswitches on the CPU board to Export (1-5 off, 6 on, 7 off, 8 on)

Version L-6
Date: October 12, 1993
U6: Checksum: 1906

Changes from revision L-5:

Changed “lock ball” message due to rule change.

Changed USA default pricing from $0.50 to 6/$2

Fixed planet test switch number.

Switch 28 (not used) no longer shows up in test report.

Increased delays between firing of certain coils to reduce
stress on the coil fuse.

Version L-5
Date: September 27, 1993
U6: Checksum: 2D05

Changes from revision L-4:

Added audits on left and right drains.

Left ramp enter switch no longer reports errors.

Improved right ball shooter logic.

Version L-4
Date: September 8, 1993
U6: Checksum: 5004

Changes from revision L-3:

USA pricing fix.

Version L-3
Date: August 30, 1993
U6: Checksum: 5103

Changes from revision L-2:

German pricing fix.

Version L-2
Date: August 25, 1993
U6: Checksum: 5702

Changes from revision L-1:

Balls are no longer locked on planet ring.

Version L-1
Date: August 18, 1993
U6: Checksum: 3401

Initial release for production. (With Planet Lock)

Weight N/A
B/W Rom Options

[U6] CPU Rom vL-7, [U6] CPU Rom vL-6, [U6] CPU Rom vL-5, [U6] CPU Rom vL-4, [U6] CPU Rom vL-3, [U6] CPU Rom vL-2, [U6] CPU Rom vL1AT, [U6] CPU Rom vL-1


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