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Rom Info from readme:

Al’s Garage Band Goes On a World Tour
Alvin G pinball 1993

All these rom names have the exact label, followed by the chip type, then the board location.

Sound Board

CPU/Driver Board

Display Driver Board

CPU ROM G03R06A (February 1992, for early production top lock hole)
This is only for early production/prototype model
Per IPDB: “The game in the manufacturer’s flyer shows a VUK at the end of the horseshoe ramp in middle right playfield at what would be the “top lock”. This VUK was subsequently removed by the manufacturer. Reportedly, twenty games were made with this top lock VUK. This quantity has not been confirmed by us.”


There is no charge or cost assessed for the software itself contained on the chips. Software remains property of the respective author / manufacturer / copyright holder, who has made the software freely available to the pubic for the purpose of repairing your own machine. We do not sell or claim ownership to ANY software. This listing is ONLY for the cost of the chips themselves, and the service of programming them for you in a format that can be installed in your machine.

Weight .25 lbs
Alvin G Roms

[U2,U4,U5,U6] CPU/DMD ROM Set, [U4,U5,U6] DMD ROM Set, [U2] CPU ROM, [U2] CPU ROM vG03R06A (Prototype),, [U4] DMD ROM, [U5] DMD ROM, [U6] DMD ROM, [U102] Sound Rom, [AROM0] Sound Rom, [AROM1] Sound Rom, [AROM2] Sound Rom, [AROM3] Sound Rom


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