DescriptionWilliams Pinball Mashup Volume 2 Translite created by Brian Allen.Featuring hand-drawn characters from 14 different classic Williams Pinball games, including: Firepower, Black Rose, Road Show, Cyclone, Pharaoh, Dr. Dude, Earthshaker, Swords of Fury, Algar, Laser Cue, Time Fantasy, Barracora, Flash, and Sorcerer.This artwork is officially licensed from Williams!To be had in Translites, Art Prints, and giant Vinyl Banners.26.5″X18.375″ Tall. Measures to slot in a lightbox (90’s WMS/Bally sizing) and so much Williams pinball machines of that era. Looks beautiful when backlit!Signed by the artist, Brian AllenReverse-Printed on Top of the range flexible translite subject matter.White silk-screened backing produces very high illuminationExtra-thick, rigid Translite (thicker than so much factory Translites, including Stern)Designed to work great with LIT Frames LED Translite FramesThicker than so much Factory Translites!My Translites use a thicker subject matter than the Translites produced by Stern and a few other Pinball Manufacturers. They’ve a Silk-Screened White layer at the back to provide them extra rigidity and helps them remove darkness from brilliantly.


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