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This listing is for a set of Roms to upgrade your pinball machine to the latest software version
Please message me if you have questions or need a version not listed.

Important note about Star Wars display roms:
Normally, you just need the CPU chip to upgrade to the later version.
You do not need to upgrade display roms unless you are having issues, chips are missing or damaged, etc.

Some versions of the game shipped with the display roms either being 1 4MB chip, or 2 2MB chips.
Display Version A1.04 is the 2 chip version with 2 2MB chips
Display Version A1.05 is the same code as 1.04, but on 1 4MB rom.

If your display rom is currently version A1.04, there is no need to upgrade from A1.04 to A1.05, but if you do need replacement roms, you will need to either order the 2 chip version, or remove (desolder) the 0 ohm jumper at R11 on the display controller board.

Click here for more info on converting your board.

Data East Options

[C5] CPU Rom v1.07, [C5] CPU Rom v1.06, [C5] CPU Rom v1.04, [C5] CPU Rom v1.03, [ROM0] Display Rom Ver A1.04 (2MB Version 1 of 2), [ROM1] Display Rom Ver A1.04 (2MB Version 2 of 2), [ROM0] Display Rom Ver A1.05 (4MB Version 1 of 1), [U7] Sound Rom, [U17] Sound Rom, [U21] Sound Rom


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