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Revision History: (Included for reference.  Info is not complete, but this info was included in official service bulletins)

v5.10 / Service Bulletin #47

Symptom: We have found a condition that occurs in some games , in Game Over Mode. The display blacks out for approximately 15-30 seconds.

Problem: There is a communication error between the game C.P.U. and the display board C.P.U. at which time the game micro-processor goes into a wait status which times out in approx. 15-30 seconds.

Solution: Install CPU/DISP EPROM Revision 5.10.

v5.01/v5.10 / Service Bulletin #53

CPU 5.01 is the latest T-Rex related update. This slowed the left/right motor down to reduce wear and tear on the gears.
CPU 5.10 is the latest revision and was released strictly to eliminate the display blanking out in attract mode.item #4).

v5.0 / Service Bulletin #42

Symptom: The Left-Right motor fails prematurely, or struggles to move the head left and right.

Cause:Damage to the gearbox, due to excessive speed of the mechanism. (The motor operates one of the switches used to stop it’s rotation and due to wide variations of the motor speed, over travels and strikes the mechanical stop.)

Cure: To prevent shock to this motor, use the attached diagram to adjust the left and right limit switches and change the program to version 5.00 as supplied in the kit. The new program provides a more intelligent speed control to help slow it down prior to the limit switch closure.

v5.0 / Service Bulletin #39

Symptom: Sometimes the dinosaur can not properly grip the ball resulting in it slipping from the dinosaur’s mouth. When this condition occurs, and, the ball drains to the outhole before the dinosaur is in the upright position, (TOP SWITCH ON), the mouth coil remains energized, resulting in possible damage to the coil and its associated transistor driver (Q26).

Cure: If you find that the ball slips out of the dinosaurs mouth, gently bend the metal forming the upper teeth slightly outward, this will insure the ball is “swallowed” every time. Additionally, the updated CPU ROM sent with this bulletin will prevent this lock-Jaw condition from occurring even when the conditions described above are simulated. We strongly urge all games be updated to this version ( 5. 00). In addition, this program also allows the dinosaur to operate more intelligently. In the past, when the center switch was not found on its initial search, the assembly would be disabled. Now, this search will be resumed each time the T-Rex “feed mode” is enabled.

There is no charge or cost assessed for the software itself contained on the chips. Software remains property of the respective author / manufacturer / copyright holder, who has made the software freely available to the pubic for the purpose of repairing your own machine. We do not sell or claim ownership to ANY software. This listing is ONLY for the cost of the chips themselves, and the service of programming them for you in a format that can be installed in your machine.

Weight .25 lbs
Data East Options

[C5, Rom0] CPU/DISP Rom Set v5.13/v5.10, [C5, Rom0] CPU/DISP Rom Set v6.0, [C5] CPU Rom v6.0, [ROM0] Display Rom v6.0, [U7] Sound Rom, [U17] Sound Rom, [U21] Sound Rom


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