This listing is for a set of Roms to upgrade your pinball machine to the latest software version or profanity set.

Game: South Park [Pinball]

Revision History/Info: (Included for reference, changes not available)

Latest Version Roms:

Southpark Usa

Rom       Location  Code Verification  Version        Eprom Size
Display   Rom 0     Checksum = $166F   Version 1.01    4 Meg
Cpu       U210      Checksum = $58FF   Version 1.03   1 Meg
Voice 1   U17       Checksum = $7BF8   Version 1.0    8 Meg
Voice 2  U21       Checksum = $9CCC   Version 1.0    8 Meg
Voice 3  U36       Checksum = $ADD9   Version 1.0    8 Meg
Voice 4  U37       Checksum = $6659   Version 1.0    8 Meg
Sound    U7        Checksum = $1286   Version 1.01   512K

Swearing / Profanity Roms (Prototype):

Southpark Usa

Rom       Location  Files           Version            Eprom Size
Display   Rom 0     SPDSPA.101      Version 1.01       4 Meg
Cpu      U210      spkcpu210.096  Version .96        1 Meg
Voice 1   U17      spku17.090      Version .90        8 Meg
Voice 2   U21       spku21.090      Version .90        8 Meg
Voice 3  U36       spku36.090     Version .90        8 Meg
Voice 4  U37       spku37.090     Version .90        8 Meg
Sound    U7        spku7.090       Version .90         512K

Weight .25 lbs
Sega Options

[U210, ROM0] CPU v1.03 / DISP v1.01 Set (Latest), [U210, ROM0,U7,U17,U21,U36,U37] 7 Rom Profanity Set, [U210, ROM0,U7,U17,U21,U36,U37] 7 Rom Latest Version Set, [U7, U17, U21, U36, U37] Sound 5 Rom Set V1.01 (Latest), [U7] Sound Rom vA0.90, [U7] Sound Rom vA1.01, [U17] Voice Rom 1 vA0.90, [U17] Voice Rom 1 vA1.0, [U21] Voice Rom 2 vA0.90, [U21] Voice Rom 2 vA1.0, [U36] Voice Rom 3 vA0.90, [U36] Voice Rom 3 vA1.0, [U37] Voice Rom 4 vA0.90, [U37] Voice Rom 4 vA1.0


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