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Game: Ripley’s Believe It or Not! (Stern)
Revision History: This is pasted from the readme file for your information.


CPU Release Version 3.20
Date February 22, 2005
File ripcpu.320

CPU Checksum $43FF

Display Checksums
Italian ripdispi.300 $E138
Spanish ripdispl.301 $80D4
French ripdispf.301 $E494
German ripdispg.300 $D657
English ripdispa.300 $DE4B

Sound ROM Checksums

Italian German French
—————– —————– —————–
ripsndi.u7 $D84F ripsndg.u7 $655C ripsndf.u7 $C84C
ripsndi.u17 $12DC ripsndg.u17 $07C7 ripsndf.u17 $96CA
ripsndi.u21 $5BEF ripsndg.u21 $45A8 ripsndf.u21 $F6F2
ripsndi.u36 $AD29 ripsndg.u36 $6D88 ripsndf.u36 $23E1
ripsndi.u37 $952B ripsndg.u37 $B09E ripsndf.u37 $09E9

English Spanish
—————– —————–
ripsnd.u7 $D93D ripsndl.u7 $3E28
ripsnd.u17 $067B ripsndl.u17 $86D7
ripsnd.u21 $C8B8 ripsndl.u21 $BA31
ripsnd.u36 $64C2 ripsndl.u36 $CC69
ripsnd.u37 $5341 ripsndl.u37 $ED8E

Changes from CPU V3.10
– Fixed lock and eject devices to work properly with the Coil Power

CPU Release Version 3.10
Date December 2, 2004
File ripcpu.310

CPU Checksum $F4FF

Changes from CPU v3.02
– Modified Flipper EOS timing to be compatible with newer games.
– Improved broken Shrunken Head compensation.
– Improvements to ToPS tournament system.
– Removed erroneous broken switch messages from Tech Alert.

CPU Release Version 3.02
Date September 15, 2004
File ripcpu.302

CPU Checksum $45FF

Changes from CPU v3.01
– New flipper drivers to increase flipper coil longevity. This was
not a problem with Ripley but was done to be consistent with other
Stern software releases.
– Fixed false broken switch reports on some switches
– Improved compensation for a broken left ramp or left ramp make switch
– Improved rules for Idol to keep the idol lit longer after pops
– Added code to pop bumpers to prevent the looping ball situation on
early production games.
– Fixed “Idol worth 1 million” bug in South America mode.
– Fixed bug when Feature Adjustment #13 was set too high
– Improved speech and lamp effects in some places
– Fixed some speech conflicts at the end of continent modes



CPU Release Version 3.01
Date May 03, 2004
File ripcpu.301

CPU Checksum $AAFF

Changes from CPU v3.00
– More improvements to Bump ‘n’ Win score selection.
– Fixed some Bozo choreography that was confusing.
– Fixed some screens in Instant Info to show proper information.
– Made some improvements to playfield lamp effects
– Fixed Temple LEDs to show attract mode properly at game over
– Made specials stack on outlanes when more than 2 are lit

CPU Release Version 3.00
Date April 16, 2004
File ripcpu.300

CPU Checksum $1EFF

Changes from CPU v2.04
– Modified Bump ‘n’ Win score computation to be in the correct
range given current tournament scores. Also improved selection
logic to make the game more appealing to casual players.
– Fixed pulse handling for $5 bill acceptors
– Added more extended features for expert players.
– Fixed TEAM SCORES display for 4 players
– Fixed extra ball scoring display for tournament play.
– Some improvements to display and sound choreography.
– More improvements to broken magnet and idol compensation.


CPU Release Version 2.04
Date April 08, 2004
File ripcpu.204
Checksum $07FF

Changes from CPU v2.03
– Fixed ticket dispensing for Chuck E. Cheese games.
– More improvement to broken magnet compensation.
– Made idol extra ball slightly easier to get.
– Lowered range of possible Bump ‘n’ Win scores


CPU Release Version 2.03
Date April 07, 2004
File ripcpu.203
Checksum $E2FF

Changes from CPU v2.01
– Improved compensation for broken Shrunken Head and Idol devices
– Fixed glitch in score auditing table
– Added broken device reporting for the scoop and VUK
– Slight choreography improvements
– Fixed outlane sounds in multiball



CPU Release Version 2.01
Date April 02, 2004
File ripcpu.201
Checksum $41FF

Changes from CPU v2.00

– Changed points for EB/Special given in tournament
– Fixed ticket dispenser operation
– Fixed jackpot scoring in ripoff
– Fixed locks to handle missing balls properly in tilt situations
– Fixed ? award to correctly reset itself after award
– Fixed million plus to avoid abuse in mulitball
– Fixed choreography at multiball start to sync video/sound
– Fixed eb/special calls for tournament play points
– Fixed some main Multiball jackpot choreography


CPU Release Version 2.00
Date March 25, 2004
File ripcpu.200
Checksum $22FF


Changes from CPU v1.01

– Improved lamp displays, especially around temple awards
– Added time-delayed clear kick from lock at game over
– Major improvements to the final mode, Atlantis.
– Added some overload protection to the idol magnet
– Made ramp rollunder switches more sensitive
– Fixed some Believe It Or Not! award choreography



CPU Release Version 1.01
Date March 24, 2004
File ripcpu.101
Checksum $F1FF

Changes from CPU v1.00

– Fixed diagnostics, especially sound and knocker test
– Improved game speech in many places.
– Fixed “go backwards” in Australia and South America
– Left orbit now lights the temple gate
– Fixed lockup to handle balls that arrive during quick
– Adjusted mode goals slightly.
– Fixed “spinners at max” award from Bozo.
– Added DOUBLE JACKPOTS to some Believe It Or Not! awards
– Fixed status report
– Some improvments to display choreography and sequencing.

Weight .25 lbs
Stern Options

CPU vA3.20 / DISP v3.00 Set [U210, U5], CPU ROM v3.20 [U210], Sound ROM [U7], Sound ROM [U17], Sound ROM [U21], Sound ROM [U36], Sound ROM [U37]


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