L-A version notes / tune up guide is available from

Revision History: (Not available/known for these versions at the time of listing)
Game Version L-8

U26 : Checksum: 9256
U27 : Checksum: 03D0

Sound Revision History: (Included for reference)
Sound Version L-1

U4 : Checksum: 84B0

Speech Version L-1

U19 : Checksum: 1DAF
U21 : Checksum: 4D54
U22 : Checksum: 844C

Weight .25 lbs
System 11 Roms

CPU Rom Set vL-8 [U26, U27], CPU Rom Set vL-7 [U26, U27], CPU Rom Set vL-A [U26, U27], CPU Rom Set vP-1 [U26, U27], Sound/Speech Rom Set [U4,U19,U21,U22]


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