DescriptionAlternate Translite artwork of the Tales of the Arabian Nights pinball Backglass created by Brian Allen. Officially licensed from Williams!Fits all Tales of the Arabian Nights pinball machines26.5″X18.375″ Tall. Measures to slot in any Tales of the Arabian Nights machine, or a lightbox (90’s WMS/Bally sizing). Looks beautiful when backlit!White silk-screened backing produces very high illuminationExtra-thick, rigid Translite (thicker than most factory Translites, including Stern)Signed by the artist, Brian AllenReverse-printed on firm, thick, flexible Translite material, with a silk-screened white backing. About the Artwork:I dug into the Tales of the Arabian Nights (a collection of Middle Eastern folk takes known as One Thousand and One Nights) a bit more and tried to add more details from the stories. The Flying Horse from the Squire’s Tale was once in reality described as a brass, mechanical horse, so I thought it would be in reality fun to attract it with gears and pulleys, and mechanical wings. I added an evil red Ifrit (or Jinn) in the upper right-hand corner because I’m fascinated by them. I also drew Sinbad fighting an animated skeleton warrior, and a giant cyclops attacking their ship (inspired by Harryhausen’s 7th Voyage of Sinbad).Easter egg: If you look very closely at the mountains of treasure in the Genie’s cave, I hid a couple of nods to other classic Williams titles.About the Translites:My Translites use a thicker material than the Translites produced by Stern and a few other Pinball Manufacturers. They have got a Silk-Screened White layer on the back to give them extra rigidity and helps them remove darkness from brilliantly.


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