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Revision History: (Included for reference)

Version 1.0
Date: July 25, 1997

G11: Checksum: B510

This is the release of software for production.

This version requires sound S2 revision 1.0. (Will not work with prototype/sample sound roms v.50)

This is an officially licensed replacement part. Please view my shop policies for more information.

Checksum: DC10
Sound Version: 1.0
Date: 03 June 1999

Changes since version 1.0:

This game is now configured for an 8 meg ROM.

When a troll was hit during the smack-a-troll grace period,
the state of the rule was not being reset properly. This has
been corrected.

Video mode now takes precedence over smack-a-troll when
both are qualified to start from Merlin’s Magic (Smack-A-Troll
is qualified at Merlin’s Magic after Super Jets is started
for the third time).

When smack-a-troll finishes, the total points scored for the
feature are displayed.

Video mode lamp effect now displays the shoot again lamp, so
the player gets some feedback when he/she collects the video
mode extra ball.

Scored Merlin targets now carry over from ball to ball.

Added a cheer sound to the High Score display effects.

The 1 coin buy in adjustment no longer appears in the pricing
adjustment menu.

Changed the video mode cow qualification count (launching
the cow from the catapult) from 3 to 2.

Troll lock and troll eject combo awards (the ones that award
troll bombs) were being given out during multiball. This has
been corrected.

The High Score title for the multiball madness champion was
being plotted incorrectly. This has been corrected.

Ball search of the tower lock post was causing switch hits
(and thus, awards) on the tower exit switch when a ball was
stuck in the tower area. This has been corrected.

Fixed a bug in custom message that would cause some messages
to be displayed incorrectly.

1.09 was a “beta” version of the software that was never upgraded to an official release before Williams went out of business in 1999.


This is the same as 1.09, but allows for both “coin play” and “free play”


This is the same as 1.09B, but allows you to get rid of the “bleeps” in the dialogue and enables profanity.

  • Revision 1.09C requires sound ROM S2 revision 1.0
  • Setting Family Mode to “OFF” enables the profanity. Setting to “ON” disables profanity. (ie: I’m Lord Howard Hurtz- who the f**** are you!?)


Sound Revision History: (Included for reference)

S2: checksum Rev 1.0: $2C00
S3: checksum Rev 1.0: $7D00
S4: checksum Rev 1.0: $5700
S5: checksum Rev 1.0: $7500
S6: checksum Rev 1.0: $5600

(S3-S6 are unchanged from the sample (0.50) release)



Weight N/A
Bally / Williams ROM Options

[G11] CPU Rom v0.50, [G11] CPU Rom v1.0, [G11] CPU Rom v1.09 (Free Play / Home), [G11] CPU Rom v1.09B (Free/Coins), [G11] CPU Rom v1.09C (Profanity), [SU2] Sound Rom V.20 (Prototype Sound), [SU2] Sound Rom 1.0, [SU3] Sound Rom 1.0, [SU4] Sound Rom 1.0, [SU5] Sound Rom 1.0, [SU6] Sound Rom 1.0, [G10] WPC Security Chip


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