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Revision History (Included for reference):

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CPU Release 4.00
Date March 31, 2004

t3cpu.400 checksum $F8FF

Added Bump N’ Win Tournament

Display Release 4.00
Date March 31, 2004

Display ROM
Display 4M Rom 0 $B2DB 4.00 t3dspi.400
Display 4M Rom 0 $E14D 4.00 t3dspl.400
Display 4M Rom 0 $3C2D 4.00 t3dspf.400
Display 4M Rom 0 $8D7A 4.00 t3dspg.400
Display 4M Rom 0 $6E49 4.00 t3dspa.400

CPU Release 3.02
Date December 9, 2003

t3cpu.302 checksum $8CFF

Reduced the firing time of the ball launcher coil in diagnostics.

CPU Release 3.01
Date August 18, 2003

t3cpu.301 checksum $8CFF

We now ignore the shooter switch while the plunger coil is firing.
Fixed Match problem. There will no longer be erroneous 00 matches.

Display Release 3.00
Date August 18, 2003

Display ROM
Display 4M Rom 0 $55AB 3.00 t3dspi.300
Display 4M Rom 0 $682B 3.00 t3dspl.300
Display 4M Rom 0 $5B68 3.00 t3dspf.300
Display 4M Rom 0 $A73B 3.00 t3dspg.300
Display 4M Rom 0 $9C00 3.00 t3dspa.300

– Added award display for Power-Surge
– Added power-surge background display
– Modified Multiball background display for new A-B-C jackpots rule.

CPU Release 3.00
Date August 18, 2003

t3cpu.300 checksum $7FFF

Added Power-Surge a pop bumper rule.
The game will no longer say “grab the gun” or the like if the button adjustment is YES.
T-X Challenge from skill will still work even if the ball doesnt fall into lock area.
GI will not turn off if RPG is lit from the Surprise target.

CPU Release 2.05
Date August 14, 2003

t3cpu.205 checksum $FCFF

Lowered Replay to 30 million for all countries.
Added A-B-C rule for reliting jackpots after Super Jackpot
Added RPG racks. There are now 7 total.

CPU Release 2.04
Date July 17, 2003

t3cpu.204 checksum $EDFF

fixed Multiplyer kickback targets.
fixed rare crashes.
made final battle icons smarter about when they appear.
fixed tilt; should not be able to tilt next ball.

CPU Release 2.03
Date July 2, 2003

t3cpu.203 checksum $6BFF

Stopped flash lamps from glowing until RPG motor is running. Give relay a chance to work.

CPU Release 2.02
Date June 27, 2003

t3cpu.202 checksum $xxFF

fixed Clear balls test that was broken in the 2.01 release.

CPU Release 2.01
Date June 25, 2003

t3cpu.201 checksum $xxFF

kicking from trough during Portals has been stopped.
Added score at end of game.
tracking ball served was improved.
Hurry Up sound FX should always play.
Helicopter sound from Mystery will play now.
lowered the replay scores.
T850 feature is now handled better.
tweaked Special and Replay prioirties.
Fixed dim flashers in diagnostics.
Match audit will now work
Added left hurry up to hurry up lamp sequence.
Changed # of balls per game max to 10

Display Release 2.01
Date June 25, 2003

Display ROM
Display 4M Rom 0 $DF1A 2.01 t3dspi.201
Display 4M Rom 0 $11A8 2.01 t3dspl.201
Display 4M Rom 0 $66BE 2.01 t3dspf.201
Display 4M Rom 0 $9C79 2.01 t3dspg.201
Display 4M Rom 0 $7C36 2.01 t3dspa.201

– added 4 ball troff art
– added a few translations & fixed a typo

CPU Release 2.00
Date June 4, 2003

t3cpu.200 checksum $0FFF

– Pushed ball search away from multiball devices and from jackpot shows.
– Fixed Instant Info Bullet Holes. It now shows the correct counts.
– Fixed Right 3-bank lamps. They now timeout out correctly.
– Added light toggle to the 2 3-bank lamps. They will now respond if hit.
– Fixed Skill shot and launching with the flipper.
– Fixed Drop target rssetting in the grace of super jackpot.
– Improved the Orbit logic. Orbit will get in each others way less often.
– Removed Turning off G.I. in Jackpot and Super Jackpot lamp effects.
– Fixed Tilt in first 3 seconds of ball problem.
– Removed lighting RPG from “?” if player has Final Battle RPG icon.
– Added # of LOCKS a player has to Instant Info.
– Changed the AK47 display in ASSAULT to look like a AK47.
– fixed extra “LOCK IS LIT” phrase in the middle of multiball.
– Drop target will now drop if you get last jackpot from “?” target.

Display Release 2.00
Date June 4, 2003

Display ROM
Display 4M Rom 0 $F547 2.00 t3dspi.200
Display 4M Rom 0 $0699 2.00 t3dspl.200
Display 4M Rom 0 $483F 2.00 t3dspf.200
Display 4M Rom 0 $9F83 2.00 t3dspg.200
Display 4M Rom 0 $5E7F 2.00 t3dspa.200

– added/modified instant info for extra ball, special, balls locked.
– Final Battle now says “Complete All Shots”
– New AK-47 artwork for Assault award
– Italian text for Bonus Muliplier now appears during SkyNet Selection

CPU Release 1.01
Date May 29, 2003

t3cpu.101 checksum $00FF

– Moving the skill choice now kills the PLAYER 2 deff.
– Top Lanes are now initialized correctly.
– Lane change post Assault now works correctly from the left button.
– Flawless Video Mode Speech no longer kills the sound.
– Increased the debounce on the T-X Made switch to stop multiple hits
– Fixed Final Battle ending early.
– Changed Replay and Match percentage factory settings to 12% and 8%
– Added low default HSTD scores to the HOME INSTALL
– The T-X will now glow during Assault
– Removed collecting Weapons during the end of Final Battle.
– Made RED require 5 shots during the end of Final Battle.
– Fixed Kick back relighting itself on extra first balls.

CPU Release 1.00
Date May 28, 2003

t3cpu.100 checksum $EFFF

Display Release 1.00
Date May 28, 2003

Display ROM
t3dispi.100 checksum $F637
t3displ.100 checksum $F9F5
t3dispf.100 checksum $596C
t3dispg.100 checksum $AC54
t3dispa.100 checksum $5EDE

Sound Release 1.00

Sound 512k U7 $D2FD 1.00 t3100.u7
Voice 1 8M U17 $1838 1.00 t3100.u17
Voice 2 8M U21 $F0D5 1.00 t3100.u21
Voice 3 8M U36 $89DA 1.00 t3100.u36
Voice 4 8M U37 $1200 1.00 t3100.u37


There is no charge or cost assessed for the software itself contained on the chips. Software remains property of the respective author / manufacturer / copyright holder, who has made the software freely available to the pubic for the purpose of repairing your own machine. We do not sell or claim ownership to ANY software. This listing is ONLY for the cost of the chips themselves, and the service of programming them for you in a format that can be installed in your machine.

Weight .25 lbs
Stern Options

CPU / DISP vA4.0 Set [U210, U5], Sound ROM [U7], Voice ROM 1 [U17], Voice ROM 2 [U21], Voice ROM 3 [U36], Voice ROM 4 [U37], BLUE DOT PAL [U213], CPU ROM v4.0 [U210], Display ROM vA4.0 [U5]


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