CPS2 Game won’t boot?  Only a solid color screen showing?

If your game will not boot, and shows no sign’s of physical / other damage it is a pretty good chance your suicide battery has died.  However there is no guarantee suicide is the actual issue without further troubleshooting.

If this is the only actual problem, it can be revived for many more years of play, in fact, it should last forever if no other problems arise!
Once the battery has died, the security key unique to the game is lost, and will no longer boot.  Up till recent years, you had no other option than to reprogram the roms (AKA Phoenix Edition) to restore it to working order.


Not sure how old your battery is?  Want to keep your game original and working for many more years?

Collectors frown upon reprogramming your roms just to bypass the suicide battery.  This is an open source project similar to the InfiniKey, which is a small board you can solder on your PCB to reprogram the security key at boot.  You can always remove it and reinstall a battery later.



Openkey DIY Kit:

Kit contains loose parts needed to build and program your own Openkey
1) 1x Openkey PCB
2) 1x Attiny404 processor
3) 1x 50V 0.1uF MLCC SMD/SMT capacitor

You will need your own UPDI programmer, and soldering skills.

Openkey Fully Assembled Kit:

Fully assembled and programmed Openkey.
Ready to solder your jumper for game setting, and install!!

Openkey 9x PCB Only:

This option is for those who would like to make their own in bulk.  No Attiny or capacitor included, but is a panel of 9 PCBs on a sheet you can break out and build yourself.
You will need to provide your own chips/caps or purchase separately

Project Info:

You can get more info about the project by clicking here

The creators of the project were gracious enough to allow distribution/resale of the product.

Current stock is 1/23/2023 revision of PCB.

I currently only stock green, however other colors may be coming soon, or available as special order.  Bulk special orders also open to discussion.

As it reprograms the security key at each boot, In theory this could also be used to temporarily wire/install and revive a dead board you would like to keep running on batteries and then remove it.  (Do not install/remove with power applied to the board)

CPS2 Openkey Options

Openkey DIY Kit, Openkey Fully Assembled and Programmed, Openkey PCB Only, Attiny404 Only, Open Key 9x PCB only


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