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REPLACEMENT OPTION: This SDRAM board is acceptable for Terasic FPGA board and for MisTer FPGA, a excellent replacement option.
LARGE MEMORY: Ultra thin (xs d) v2.9 board with 128MB SDR SDRAM memory for cores requiring larger (>512KB) memory (including for Neo Geo cores).
HIGH PERFORMANCE: Hand welding SDRAM board, lets you play interested in Neo Geo ROM library games, fortify game playability, very practical.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The SDRAM board is fabricated from top quality PCB subject material, with stable and reliable performance and long service life.
PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: Every SDRAM board has been fully assembled and tested, tested at 130MHz for more than an hour to verify your stable use.


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XS D V2.9 SDRAM Board, 128MB M... Price: $48.90 (as of 04/12/2024 23:41 PST- Details)