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There is no charge or cost associted with the software itself contained on the chips. Software remains property of the respective author / manufactuarer / copyright holder, who has made the software freely available to the pubic for the purpose of repairing your own machine. We do not sell or claim ownership to ANY software. Someone else has made an improvement to the software under fair use. This listing is ONLY for the cost of the chips themselves, and the service of programming them for you in a format that can be installed in your machine.

Weight .25 lbs
TMNT Options

[J17,K17] for tmnt (963 X21, 963 X22) version, [J17/K17] for tmntu (963 R21, 963 R22) version, [J17,K17] for tmntua (963 J21, 963 J22) version, {J17/,K17] for tmntj (963 221, 963 222) version, [J17/K17] for tmht (963 F21, 963 F22) version, [J17,K17] for tmhta (963 S21, 963 S22) version, [J17,K17 for tmhtb (unknown label)


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