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Bally/Williams U22 Security PICs are now in stock!!


This is the security chip required for Bally / Williams WPC-S or WPC-95 machines. This is the chip you need if you are getting a G10 or U22 error.
These are the genuine factory part, not a bootleg or hack. Keep your game original! Contains the original proprietary security code needed for these machines.
These are game specific and are NOT interchangeable.

Part #’s for reference:
Attack From Mars: A-5400-50041-1
Cactus Canyon: A-5400-50066-1
Champion Pub A-5400-50063-1
Cirqus Voltaire: A-5400-50062-1
Congo: A-5400-50050-1
Corvette: A-5400-50036-1
Dirty Harry: A-5400-50030-1
Flintstones: A-5400-50029-1
Indy 500: A-5400-50026-1
JackBot: A-5400-50051-1
Johnny Mnemonic: A-5400-50042-1
Junk Yard: A-5400-50052-1
Medieval Madness: A-5400-50059-1
Monster Bash: A-5400-50065-1
NBA Fastbreak: A-5400-50053-1
No Fear: A-5400-50025-1
No Good Gofers: A-5400-50061-1
Road Show: A-5400-50024-1
Safecracker: 1 A-5400-90003-1
Scared Stiff: A-5400-50048-1
Shadow: A-5400-50032-1
Tales Of The Arabian Nights: A-5400-50047-1
Theatre of Magic: A-5400-50039-1
Who Dunnit: A-5400-50044-1
World Cup Soccer: A-5400-50031-1

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