EEP SST SST39VF200_(TSOP48) ,P29F640 2 ,mem=2,vcc=3300, EEP SST SST39VF400_(TSOP48) ,P29F640 2 ,mem=3,vcc=3300, EEP SST SST39VF800_(TSOP48) ,P29F640 2 ,mem=4,vcc=3300, EEP SST SST39VF160_(TSOP48) ,P29F640 2 ,mem=5,vcc=3300, EEP SST SST39VF1601_(TSOP48) ,P29F640 2 ,mem=5,vcc=3300, EEP SST SST39VF1602_(TSOP48) ,P29F640 2 ,mem=5,vcc=3300, EEP SST SST39VF3201_(TSOP48) ,P29F640 2 ,mem=6,vcc=3300, EEP SST SST39VF3202_(TSOP48) ,P29F640 2 ,mem=6,vcc=3300, EEP SST SST39VF6401_(TSOP48) ,P29F640 2 ,mem=7,vcc=3300, EEP SST SST39VF6402_(TSOP48) ,P29F640 2 ,mem=7,vcc=3300, ——— #EEPROM-SYNCMOS EEP SYNCMOS F29C51001T ,V29C51004 3 ,vcc=5000 EEP SYNCMOS F29C51001B ,V29C51004 3 ,vcc=5000 EEP SYNCMOS F29C51002T ,V29C51004 4 ,vcc=5000 EEP SYNCMOS F29C51002B ,V29C51004 4 ,vcc=5000 EEP SYNCMOS F29C51004T ,V29C51004 5 ,vcc=5000 EEP SYNCMOS F29C51004B ,V29C51004 5 ,vcc=5000 EEP SYNCMOS S29C51001T ,V29C51004 3 ,vcc=5000 EEP SYNCMOS S29C51001B ,V29C51004 3 ,vcc=5000 EEP SYNCMOS S29C51002T ,V29C51004 4 ,vcc=5000 EEP SYNCMOS S29C51002B ,V29C51004 4 ,vcc=5000 EEP SYNCMOS S29C51004T ,V29C51004 5 ,vcc=5000 EEP SYNCMOS S29C51004B ,V29C51004 5 ,vcc=5000 EEP SYNCMOS F29C31001T ,V29C51004 3 ,vcc=3300 EEP SYNCMOS F29C31001B ,V29C51004 3 ,vcc=3300 EEP SYNCMOS F29C31002T ,V29C51004 4 ,vcc=3300 EEP SYNCMOS F29C31002B ,V29C51004 4 ,vcc=3300 EEP SYNCMOS F29C31004T ,V29C51004 5 ,vcc=3300 EEP SYNCMOS F29C31004B ,V29C51004 5 ,vcc=3300 EEP SYNCMOS S29C31001T ,V29C51004 3 ,vcc=3300 EEP SYNCMOS S29C31001B ,V29C51004 3 ,vcc=3300 EEP SYNCMOS S29C31002T ,V29C51004 4 ,vcc=3300 EEP SYNCMOS S29C31002B ,V29C51004 4 ,vcc=3300 EEP SYNCMOS S29C31004T ,V29C51004 5 ,vcc=3300 EEP SYNCMOS S29C31004B ,V29C51004 5 ,vcc=3300 #EEPROM-TOSHIBA EEP TOSHIBA TC58257AP ,PI28F 2 EEP TOSHIBA TC58257AP-LV ,PI28F 2 EEP TOSHIBA TC58F1001P ,PI28F 4 #EEPROM-VLSI EEP VLSI 2816 ,P2816 1 EEP VLSI 2816A ,P2816 2 because of words limte, cann’t list all the modle out, more ic list, please conta

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Befor you buy, you can contact us for the ic it support,Package Include: TOP3100 universal programmer: 1 pcs USB cable: 1pcs 5V AC power adapter,1pcs CD software,1pcs English user manual,i pcs SOP28-DIP28 adapter ,1pcs TSSOP28-DIP28 adapter,1pcs SOP8-DIP8 200mil adapter, 1pcs sop8-dip8 150mil adapter,1pcs sop16-dip16 adapter,1pcs PLCC44-DIP44 adapter:1pcs PLCC32 -dip32 adapter: 1 pcs Plcc28-dip24 adapter:1pcs plcc20-dip20 adapter:1pcs PLCC IC extractor
The TOP3100 programmer uses a 32-bit Arm Cortex high-speed microprocessor. Compared with the traditional 51 series microcontrollers, the processing speed and capacity have been improved by an order of magnitude. More than ten times more. TOP3100 programmer has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption and high reliability. It is a general-purpose model designed for the development of single-chip computers and various types of memory.
TOP3100 adopts USB universal serial port to communicate with PC, with high transmission rate. Good anti-interference performance, high reliability, and no external power supply, especially suitable for battery supply Electric laptop for use outside.
Features: Built-in 32-bit Arm Cortex high-efficiency microprocessor, fast speed and low power consumption; Connect with PC via USB universal serial port, transfer rate is 12MHz / s; Both USB interface power and external 5V power can be used; It is suitable for battery-powered laptops and desktop computers. Perfect over-current protection, effectively protect programmers and devices from damage; Automatically detect whether the component is inserted well,
system support Windows10/Windows8/ Windows7/Vista/XP 64bit and 32bit



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