[U4,U19,U20,U22] Sound / Speech 4 Rom Set Version L-2 (This listing is the most current official release)

Revision History: (Included for reference)
Sound Version L-2

U4 : Checksum: CFB0

Speech Version L-1

U19 : Checksum: 69AF
U20/U21* : Checksum: 4454
U22 : Checksum: 944C

A separate U21 IS NOT INCLUDED – I believe there is confusion on various rom sets, and at some point mid-production, Williams moved the chip from u21 to U20. In mame and IPDB sets, this appears to be a duplicate of U20 and named U21 with the same data on the chip. So your particular machine may want you to put in it either slot U20 or U21, but not both…so only the 1 chip is included.


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