CPS2 Game won’t boot?  Only a solid color screen showing?

If your game will not boot, and shows no sign’s of physical damage it is a pretty good chance your suicide battery has died.
If this is the only actual problem, it can be revived for many more years of play, in fact, it should last forever if no other problems arise!
Once the battery has died, you have to option other than reprogramming the game to restore it to working order.
I can test before repair to confirm suicide is the actual problem.


Not sure how old your battery is?  Want to keep your game original and working for many more years?

Collectors frown upon reprogramming your game just to bypass the suicide battery.  It does affect the value of your game. If your game is still working, I can replace the battery for you and keep it working for many more years.  The problem with the lithium batteries is they don’t really show lower voltage until they are pretty much dead…you don’t get alot of warning by testing voltage ahead of time.  If you are not the first owner…do you know if the game was on all the time? sitting on a shelf in storage.  The batteries last longer when the game is powered on and actually being used.

If I cannot fix it, you don’t pay for the repair!

If I cannot fix the board, I am not going to charge you for my service.  I am not experience with major board diagnosis or repairs and am not going to learn on your board and make it worse.  If I can’t fix it, I will only charge for return shipping, and that can be to you or someone else that can do “actual” board diagnosis/repairs.


You will need to ship me your B-Board perform these repairs.  I am located in VA 22407.

I will return your game in the same packaging, and insured for the same value that you ship it to me in.  Please make sure it is packed securely and insured properly as I cannot be responsible for lost, damaged, or misdirected packages.  I do not need your A-board unless you have a board that is not compatible with Green or Blue A-boards.



Battery Replacement, De-Suicide Service


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