Congo Pinball – Sound Rom 1.1 [S2]


Congo Pinball – Sound Rom 1.1 [S2]

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Rom Revision: Sound Rom [S2] Version 1.1 (This listing is the most current official release)

Revision History: (Included for reference)
Version 1.1
Date: October 9, 1996
S2: Checksum: 9300

This revision eliminates a ‘buzzing’ sound that is occasionally
emitted from some games. If you experience this problem, use this
version to replace the S2 on the Audio Visual board in your game.

This version of S2 requires that the other sound ROMs be at Version
1.0 or later. The AV diagnostics will indicate if the other ROMs
are bad or out of date by ‘bonging’ at power-up.

(3 bongs = bad S3, 4 bongs= bad S4, 5 bongs = bad S5, etc.)

Additional information

Weight.25 lbs

Bally / Williams Software License


This listing is for an officially licensed Bally / Williams genuine replacement part and is governed by their software license. (Click Here)

An official Bally/Williams hologram will be affixed to guarantee authenticity.

Sold under permission granted from Planetary Pinball.


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