Can I borrow your CPU to support my site?

  • Would you like to support my site without actually making a purchase or donation?
  • Is your PC sitting there idle?
  • Are you curious about crypto currency, but skeptical to invest real money?

Please help me out by starting the miner below and just let the page run in the background.  Instead of having banks, the way crypto currency works is by users processing transactions over a peer to peer network, and earning a fraction of transactions in the process, helping the crypto currency market grow!  The more resources you give, the more it helps me out, but if its slowing down your pc, you can lower the resources.  Nothing gets installed on your computer.  It won’t cost you anything but a little electricity!



  • Why would you want to help me when you could be doing the same thing yourself?
  • Would you like to do both?  Help me help you!
  • Who would possibly give away free money?

See my referral links at the bottom of the page and sign up.  I will get up to 50% of what you earn, and when you refer someone, you can get up to 50% of their earnings.  (Not a pyramid, only goes 1 level deep)

These are not paid advertisements to my site, these are programs I am currently testing myself, and will remove them if not performing as advertised and will be quick to call them out so you don’t waste your time.  The way the pages (AKA Coin Faucets) work is by displaying a page full of advertisements with no obligation to you…but the site splits the revenue generated with you in the form of crypto coins.  Some even have games, offers, surveys, and even gambling to keep you occupied while you earn more.

***Please disable any ad blocking software and make sure cookies are enabled before clicking any of these links, or the referral system will not work.  Also, please make sure to come back to my site after each sign up before going to the next site or someone else may get credit for my referral.  It is not recommended to do any of the gambling or other functions which require you to send money for anything without doing your own research on the site yourself as crypto currency is not recoverable if you send it to the wrong person or fall for a scam.  Proceed to these sites at your own risk!***

PC / Cloud Mining:

  • – Mining for beginners.  Mine with your CPU or GPU (GPU is best)  earn commission on referrals or pay to mine in the cloud!

If you would like to earn for yourself, first you will need a cyber wallet.

    • – Free to sign up.  Purchase and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin.  If you purchase $100 of digital currency going through this link, you and I will both get $10 in free bit coin.
    • – Free to sign up.  Holds, converts, and mines Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Doge, and Dash

These faucet sites give out free coins, and require a CoinPot account.  (All are free to sign up)

  • – Click to receive a Bitcoin payout every 15 minutes [BTC]
  • – Click to receive a Bitcoin payout every 5 minutes, or leave it as long as you want to claim later! [BTC]
  • – Let the page sit and collect when you are ready!
  • – Click to receive a Litecoin payout every 5 minutes, or leave it as long as you want to claim later! [LTC]
  • – Click to receive a Dashcoin payout every 5 minutes, or leave it as long as you want to claim later! [DASH]
  • – Click to receive a Dogecoin payout every 5 minutes, or leave it as long as you want to claim later! [DOGE]
  • – Click to receive a BitcoinCash payout every 5 minutes, or leave it as long as you want to claim later! [BCH] – BRAND NEW!!

Another advanced strategy is to take the coins you earn and move them to a cloud mining service.  This way you can do more powerful cloud mining without actually spending money out of pocket, only your free coins!

  • – Multiple currency faucet/wallet/exchange and additional services like cloud mining and CPU/GPU local mining!

Here area few more faucets outside of coinpot with a direct payout to your address:


  • – Mining / faucets, and you can earn commission on referrals…including mining bonuses!